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Our team of seasoned recovery specialists incorporates problem solving and innovative negotiation strategies to find viable solutions for the purpose of expediting the payment process. Additionally, our efforts will create a higher level of urgency to make you a priority, thus ultimately rehabilitating your customers and modifying their future payment habits. 

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Our mission is clear: provide unparalleled customer service, at a fair contingent fee rate, with the utmost of urgency, while maximizing our clients’ cash flow potential.

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Cooper Evans International is a professional commercial collection agency specializing in services including, but not limited to, third party commercial collections, accounts receivable management, legal outsourcing, and business process outsourcing. We offer our clients over 20 years of proven industry expertise. Our philosophy is simple: “Create urgency without alienating your customer.” If you are looking for a revenue recovery partner that exemplifies honesty, integrity, professionalism and effective problem solving, you need not look any further….the search is over! problem solving approach  problem solving strategies problem solving skills

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The negative stigma surrounding the use of a traditional collection agency can have an adverse effect on your company’s reputation and growth potential. Our industry knowledge and experience has taught us that the use of “strong arm” tactics and coercion are no longer an effective or accepted means of facilitating a favorable resolution, especially in today’s economic climate. problem solving approach  problem solving strategies problem solving skills